Apr. 15: Teach-In on the Budget Cuts

Whose University is this?
A Teach-In on the Budget Cuts
Wednesday, April 15 at 7pm
UNC Student Union Room 3413

Worried about the future of this university? Confused about the so-called budget crisis? Unclear about terms like furloughs and RIFs? Wondering if this is why it was harder to get into classes this registration period?

Join students, staff, and faculty for a panel discussion on tuition hikes, layoffs, budget cuts, economic crisis, and more as we work to save what is important to the UNC community.

Speakers will include:

Jerry Howerton, former HR Director for WUNC, who was just laid off 6 months shy of a planned retirement at 20 years.
Odessa Davis, UNC housekeeper and member of the North Carolina Public Service Workers Union (UE150).
Salia Warren, organizer with UE150.
Marko Dumančić, graduate student in Russian and East European History.
Frank Dominguez, Professor of Romance Languages.
Rakhee Devasthali, undergraduate student and organizer.