April 27-28: Workshop with Colectivo Situaciones

Conocimiento en Movimiento: Challenges and Practices of Activist Research in Times/Spaces of Crisis
A Workshop in Three Parts with Colectivo Situaciones from Buenos Aires
Monday, April 27, 3:00- 6:30 pm and Tuesday, April 28, 3:00-7:00
Global Education Center, Fourth Floor, UNC-CH

Part I: Monday, Apr. 27 3:00-4:30 pm
Genealogies of activist research: The experience of Colectivo Situaciones

Part II: Monday, Apr. 27 4:45-6:30 pm
Activist Research at a Crossroads
Colectivo Situaciones with El Kilombo, Edu-Factory/Uninomade, Counter Cartographies Collective, Notes from Nowhere, and others

Part III: Tuesday, Apr. 28 3:00-7:00pm
The forms of politics: Beyond the Right-Left spectrum
Colectivo Situaciones with Michael Hardt, Walter Mignolo, Eunice Sahle, Graeme Chesters, Yamila Gutiérrez Callisaya, and others

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Colectivo Situaciones (www.situaciones.org) defines itself as a militant research collective. The group emerged from Argentina’s radical student milieu in the mid 1990s and, since then, have developed a long track record of intervention in Argentine social movements. Their books are dialogues with the unemployed workers movement, explorations of the question of power and tactics of struggle, and conversations about how to think about revolution today.
Their radical views pertain to practice as much as theory. They are genuinely a collective and all of their projects are collectively produced.

In a note printed on the back of many of their books, they describe their work as follows:

[We] intend to offer an internal reading of struggles, a phenomenology (a genealogy), not an “objective” description. It is only in this way that thought assumes a creative, affirmative function, and stops being a mere reproduction of the present. And only in this fidelity with the immanence of thought is it a real, dynamic contribution, which is totally contrary to a project or scheme that pigeonholes and overwhelms practice.