Audio from Situaciones Workshop

The complete audio from the Apr 27-28 Workshop with Colectivo Situaciones is now up!

Conocimiento en Movimiento: Challenges and Practices of Activist Research in Times/Spaces of Crisis

Colectivo Situaciones defines itself as a militant research collective. The group emerged from Argentina’s radical student milieu in the mid 1990s and, since then, have developed a long track record of intervention in Argentine social movements. Their books are dialogues with the unemployed workers movement, explorations of the question of power and tactics of struggle, and conversations about how to think about revolution today.

situaciones mini poster
The two-day workshop was divided into 3 parts:

Part I: The Geneologies and Experiences of Colectivo Situaciones

Part II: Activist Research at a Crossroads
with 3cs, El Kilombo, and Edu-Factory

Part III: New Forms of Politics: Beyond the Left-Right Spectrum
with Michael Hardt and Walter Mignolo