Counter Cartographies Convergence

Wednesday, Nov. 1: 6:00-9:00pm

6.00pm  Gathering

7.00pm   Presentations and discussions

Venue: the Tackle Design studio, 107 N Church St in Durham.  Map.

Brian will outline his engagement with Continental Drifts of one sort or another (10-15 mins) and other groups will outline their concerns and projects.

CCC Call: So many folks around here have been using maps to engage critically with the places and communities in which we live — building cartographies to unravel the relations which make up our daily space-times, maps to pinpoint new critical interventions, radical urban plans for new public spaces, flow maps of knowledge economies. The possibilities for collaboration and critical engagement with one another are tantalizing! On Wednesday Nov. 1, we invite you to come join us in a community outpouring of cartography, defined in the broadest sense possible. Bring work completed and in-progress, brand-new ideas, or just excitement to share (we’ll have wall space to hang things, and hopefully projector facilities). We’ll hear first briefly from a visiting radical cartographer and artist, Brian Holmes, and then fellow space invaders from the region — y’all — will present their work and share their materials and tools (and needs!). The rest of the evening will be free space for discussions, networking, ideas.

We understand Cartography in the broadest sense possible (no maps needed): Artistic interventions into public space: reclamations of territory and locales to create a new politics of place (community centers, parks, commons, etc.); the creation of alternative economic networks to strengthen and support communities in the region and beyond; and of course critical and counter mapping initiatives that help us to create new spaces or re-orient us through alternative
itineraries of the everyday.

Join us! If you have anything specific you know in advance you’d like to present, please let us know in advance so we can plan ways to best elude space/time constraints.

In excitement,
3Cs Counter-Cartographies Collective