March 26: Protest the budget cuts

No Budget Cuts on the Backs of Workers and Students
Protest at the Board of Trustees Meeting
Thursday, March 26: 11:45p
Meet in the Pit and march to the Carolina Inn

This past Thursday, Chancellor Thorp instructed all campus departments to make permanent budget cuts of at least 5%, which will have deep impacts on student services across campus, class sizes and availability, and will result in dozens of workers losing their jobs and hundred more positions being left unfilled, forcing one person to do a job two, three, or four people would ordinarily do– unless we stand up and do something about it!

On march 26, the UNC Board of Trustees will be meeting to discuss, among other things, the budget crisis at Carolina. This group of businesspeople and millionaires will be meeting with the chancellor and other administrators to talk about how the budget cuts will impact campus–and are planning to do so behind closed doors! We have to make our voices heard and demand an open and transparent process as the University deals with the global economic crisis. Workers and students must not bear the burnt of this crisis!