Sept. 13: Urban Farm Tour

Starting point : 200 E. Poplar Ave, Carrboro, NC. (corner of Ashe and Poplar) 3-8pm
The tour consists of over 10 sites in town, and several skill-shares workshops including harvesting honey, buiding deer-proof fencing, water catchment, and much more!

When you think agriculture, food, sustenance, do you think of huge stretches of rural farm-land? Did you know there are dozens of great places within town limits that practice sustainable farming and agriculture practices, right in our own backyard?!

People are keeping bees, raising chickens, and tending gardens that sustainably produce delicious healthy food (as well as herbs, and other key crops!)
Considering that our country’s largest crop is lawn grass, covering 28 million acres (3 times the land used to grow and irrigate corn) and requiring 800 million gallons of gas to mow —urban farming can be a key way to not only have healthier local food, but greatly reduce unnecessary carbon emissions and petroleum use.

Bring your bike, some walking shoes and a local food dish and we’ll do the rest!– the Urban Blue-Bike program will also be on hand with some bikes to loan….
Group-led tours will depart at the top of each hour and the potluck begins after 6.

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