Who are we? (short version)

3Cs is born out of our enthusiasm with the power of maps

We work on mapping in order to:

  • render new images and practices of economies and social relations
  • destabilize centered and exclusionary representations of the social and economic
  • construct new imaginaries of collective struggle and alternative worlds.

Our interventions, critiques and constructions start from our own situation (often, our own university), and fold in themes such as:

  • Neoliberalism and corporate colonization
  • Migration and struggles around the border regime
  • State power and New Rights
  • Information and the struggle to free it
  • Sustainable economies and mutual aid
  • Precarity and new forms of labor solidarity

We seek to create collaborations for engaged research and cartography — transforming the conditions of how we think, write and map and the conditions about which we think, write and map.

We work in a variety of media and have engaged in a variety of projects [link], from drifts to dis-orientation guides, from community-led convergences to hosting major academic cartographers, as well as participating in direct actions and publishing in activist and scholarly publications and conferences.

Our affiliations cross disciplinary, institutional and national boundaries. We work with artists, independent scholars, grassroots communities and university folks, in a range of settings including: cartographic collaborations, exchange of material, hosting and visiting, conference and publication participation, convergences, direct action organizing, and as much as our imagination and own capacities can deal with… we are open to improvisation.

Contact us for further information on possibilities for collaboration at countercartographies (at) unc (dot) edu

To find out more about us, check out a longer piece on: the Micro-Politics of 3Cs