Some quarantine maps

Here we share some of the maps we received from our call for quarantine maps (and we are always open to receiving more!) and highlight a few themes that appeared:

  • geographies of fear & anxiety: where and who are we afraid of, where does contagion come from?
  • remaking the home (the entire home becomes school, workplace, restaurant, entertainment center, production & reproduction intermix)
  • time: stuck between monotony and boredom and an absolute lack of time/overwork/multitasking, watching children/working/cooking/zooming all at once!
  • new geographies of debt & extraction: who profits off of us being stuck at home?
  • new geographies of mutual aid, care, and resistance in our neighborhoods and beyond!
  • geographies of differences: despite claims that “we are all in this together,” we experience the pandemic differently based on how we are positioned in relations of exploitation & oppression, how certain governments responded (or didn’t) to the pandemic, our access to care, etc.