What has 3Cs been up to?

As we’ve become more dispersed geographically, now spanning three continents, and temporally, with different rhythms of everyday life and precarity and different care and community responsibilities, we often find it hard to work together on big projects. But our collective thinking still informs work that we are all doing and we continue writing and theorizing about maps and counter-maps, precarity, migration, care, and militant research, among other things…

From the U.S. based contingent, Craig and Tim published “Counter-mapping data science” in The Canadian Geographer and Craig, with coauthor Jim Thatcher, published “Seeing by the Starbucks: The Social Context of Mobile Maps and Users’ Geographic Knowledges” in Cartographic Perspectives.

Liz, now living in Buenos Aires, recently wrote an entry on counter-mapping for the International Encyclopedia of Human Geography and coauthored “Rethinking Situated Knowledge from the Perspective of Argentina’s Feminist Strike” with Verónica Gago. (Liz is also translating Verónica’s new book which will be out with Verso in the fall!)

Maribel & Sebastian, recently relocated to Zaragoza, have been publishing extensively on the relationship between maps and struggles related to migration. Including:

As always, we welcome your feedback and hearing from other folks working on these issues and concepts!